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Wildes Lounge

“...we sat down to our banquet: the first course being whiskey, the second whiskey and the third, whiskey.”

Oscar Wilde


If the great man himself were alive today, he’d be right at home in Wildes, charming one and all with his pithy one liners. You’ll be right at home too, served by staff tasked with meeting not only your every need but exceeding them.  Because we aim to please, and then some. When the big match is on, you can catch it here. If you’re peckish, we can whip up something tasty. If you fancy something more exotic, our cocktail menu will impress. And if you fancy a bit of a surf, we can help with that too. Just hook up to our WiFi for free. He was a Wilde one alright. And he would have loved our whiskey tasting room, where you can make time to truly appreciate ‘the water of life’.

A room with true purpose, you can relax and take a journey, ably guided by our dedicated whiskey connoisseur. 

Check our events page to keep up to date with special and seasonal tasting sessions

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